Ready to see why Omni Fight Club is considered North America’s premier fitness kickboxing, strength training, and cardio conditioning workout?

If you have the drive and desire to show up for your first time at one of our clubs, we will make sure you get your first 2 classes for FREE. (No hidden cost, no BS.)

We want you to come and experience the rush of both our strength and cardio workouts.

So what exactly are you getting in to?

A whole lot of fun.


3 days a week, expect high-intensity strength training the Omni Fitness Club way. The other 4 days involve cardio kickboxing that utilizes everything from heavy bag training, speed bag training, and even a real boxing ring.

Worried about getting stuck in the same boring routine you would at some regular gym? Think again. Omni Fight Club classes are always changing and no 2 workouts are ever the same.

“I have yet to have a workout that has been the same. My favorite are mitt days. Feels so good to punch a bag as hard as you can!!”

Melissa F., CA

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